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What will an implmentation plan involve?

the BPO implementation plan needs to bring together the provider's process for setting up services with the client's needs for adapting the current organisation and processes to the new operating model. The core of the plan will have been agreed and included as part of the contract, with the detail developed together at the start of implementation.

Providers build up expertise in implementing services and they will have their own methodologies. The plan provided below is an example of what you should expect. Do remember to plan for your internal implementation activities.


The amount of resource required for implementation varies widely. I have shown some of the common client roles here:

BPO Roles

Example Outline Plan

StepDescriptionLeadClient actionsProvider Actions
PMO launch & prepMobilise and prepare team to manage implementationclient  
planning workshopThe start point is the plan agreed in negotiations. The whole plan is discussed in detail to produce an integrated plan for implmentation including criteria for passing each milestone.jointClient takes the lead on change management activities and ensures that risks are properly assessed and managed.Provider takes the lead on activities related to process definition and services set up
change managementFinalise change management planning. Set up change / communication roles and channelsClientTake responsibility for all change management 
Due DiligenceObjective is to develop in depth of in-scope activies and ProviderProvide access to process documentation and expertise.Provider will study the processes using process maps, operating procedures and as required work shadowing.
Solution detail & validationThe Service Delivery Model is finalised and operating procedures developed and approved.ProviderReviews and signs-off that procedures will satisfy requirementsDevelops service guides, operating procedures and training material.
Client organisation & proceduresFinalise role definition and procedural changes to take account of the change to services Take responsibility for revision of own organisation and changes to way of working. 
HiringHire and prepare service staff phased according to requirementProvider Hiring based on skill requirements. Stabilisation of staff.
Infrastructure set upPut in place technology, systems and interfaces required for the services.ProviderProvides access to client applications as required by the services. May also link telephone network to Service centre.Develops service centre work environment for service organisation.
Knowledge transferService staff are trained and certified on procedures and systes.ProviderMay provide trainers to cover client specific materialCarry out the training and testing of staff competence.
Governance set upSet up the service management organisation and processes. Some critical processes to be in place prior to go live.JointMust have issue management roles and points of escalation in place prior to go live. Set up the provider service management to deal with all operational situations.
Client organisation trainingAs required, inform and educate on changes required for effective use of the services. Lead in communication and trainingProvide support to explain how services will operate.
Service RehearsalsUndertake end to end process testing to check all hand-offs as well as systems and procedures.JointAct in all client operational roles for the tests. Validate service readiness criteria are metExercise all procedures, systems and staff in as complete a way as possible.
Organisation realignmentPrepare the organisation and validate that all impacted by the change to services are ready for transitionClient  
Go-live & ramp upThe activies are taken into the services per schedule. The client organisation transition is implementedjointClient provides process experts to coach on exceptions that occur in early stagesprovider takes on service activities monitoring performance and resourcing.
stabilisationPerformance is monitored and managed with resource available to quickly deal with any unexpected situations, until transition sign-off criteria are met.jointMonitor performance and maintain support expertise.As well as delivering the service, the provider will survey users to validate satisfaction.